Exploring the Land

Last post I told you about the central objective of our trip. But there is more.

We feel like the men chosen from the tribes of Israel to “spy out the land.” We are confident the Lord is leading us, but we are taking a first step of seeing and meeting and exploring, to discern where the next step should be.

When we knew we needed to travel to France to meet with Michel and Corine Allard, we first thought of the end of August, before school started again for our sons. However, the Allards were out of the country then. It would have to be September.

Michel said they would not be back home until September 11 (which is today, by the way.)

So we contemplated planning something around that time.

Meanwhile, we had gone one time to hear a man with a prophetic ministry in Dallas by the name of Cary Stultz. He holds a weekly meeting in the back room of, oddly enough, La Madeleine (which for those of you not from Dallas is a “Country French Cafe”). A few weeks ago, one Saturday afternoon, we got the urge to go back and hear him that evening.

We did, but he had a guest speaker. He introduced him as a Frenchman (actually French Canadian, from Quebec), and his name was Michel Chevalier–yes, another Michel. Cary had ministered in Michel’s church in Quebec, and now Michel had invited him on a ministry trip to Europe. “Some of you may even be coming with us,” Cary said. They were going in September.

This did catch my ear, for sure. We had intended to go to France and also Belgium (to see friends there), sometime in September after the 11th. They were going first to England briefly, and then to Belgium and France.

I couldn’t wait to ask Michel when exactly in September they were going. I was hoping it wasn’t the first half. When he had finished speaking, he sat down in the chair next to mine. I leaned over and asked him when in September they were going.

“About September 11,” he said.


Michel, September 11. Michel, September 11. Odd coincidence that. And, frankly, a date I could hardly miss noticing, as an American.

By the way, this man we just met, Michel Chevalier, has known the man we need to   meet, Michel Allard (who is also French Canadian) for many years. They have spoken at each other’s churches.

So to make a long story short, we are going with them, on the continental portion of their trip, first to Belgium and then to France. Highlights of the trip will include:

  • Serving with Michel and Cary as part of their ministry team.
  • Meeting people in various cities in Belgium and France. Michel pretty much knows “everybody.”
  • Visiting a brand new House of Prayer in Paris.
  • Visiting friends in Belgium.
  • Visiting Francoise’s hometown of Grenoble, see friends. Cary is also coming here to speak, but we’ll have to be gone by then.

Please keep us in your prayers, specifically:

  • That we hear the Lord “loud and clear,” for where He is leading us.
  • We are flying “standby,” and space is looking tight. We only need two seats. Pray that we get on board, so we don’t arrive late.
  • Pray for safety and health for us and all concerned.
  • Pray for the arrangement for our children, back home, as well as for their health and safety.
  • Pray that, taking one step at a time, we can flex with surprises in our schedule, which are bound to occur (and in fact have already).
  • That planes, trains and automobiles function correctly through the whole time.


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