Good Samaritan

The trip we have been waiting for is now just three days away. This Friday, the two    of us fly to Belgium and France for a two-week ministry trip.

The central objective is to meet with evangelist Michel Allard and his wife. Michel is the founder of Le Bon Samaritain (The Good Samaritain), which he describes as a “House of healing for the broken hearted.” It’s goal is recovery and restoration through the Word of God and the power of His Spirit, for those in need. Many of us need reminders of who we are in Christ–or else need to be introduced to Him. This ministry provides brief but intense times of refreshment and rediscovery of His grace and His glory.

We benefited from it ourselves, a decade ago. Now we are looking at the possibility of returning as resident team-members there.

Le Bon Samaritain has been inactive for some years, being obliged to leave their former facilities in 2004, which they had been renting. Michel searched for a new location until he found one in 2008, put together an association to purchase it, and restore and remodel it as the new Bon Samaritain. Having completed this task, the hope was to reopen in the 2011-12 time range.

However, the next step was putting together a team to operate it. This is where he ran into a snag. His former team has moved on to other things, and finding new personnel has been a struggle. They have managed to put on periodic seminars, but have not recaptured the rhythm of former days.

That may be somewhere where we can come in. For this we need prayer, all of us, Francoise and me as well as Michel and his wife. Their thoughts, earlier this year, was that finding no response after so long, the best thing at this point would be to resell the property and rethink the strategy. Find a new place or carry out the ministry in a more itinerant fashion. They have actually put the property, which is near the city of Reims, up for sale.

We have been corresponding with us these past months, but we have never met. The time has come for us to meet face to face and see if we can find the solution the Lord is leading us to. He has opened doors and made a way for the two of us to go to this meeting time with the Allards. And we are looking very much forward to seeing where the Lord will lead us in this time.

We are scheduled to meet Sept. 26-27. Please pray for all of us in this important time.

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