Stand By Us

Thank you all so much for your prayers–especially concerning our flight from Dallas to Paris, because we were flying stand-by. We said we only need two seats and indeed six stand-bys made it on the flight, and we were numbers five and six. I don’t believe there were any empty seats.

So we made it on our first attempt, and a day ahead of schedule. The flight was perfect–boring movie, so I had no temptation not to sleep. We landed at Charles de Gaulle, rented a car and headed out.

Stopping for lunch in the town of Soissons, we called ahead to Le Bon Samaritain, where we had arranged to stay the first few days. This is in the village of Roucy, just outside the city of Reims. Roucy is in the département (think county) of Aisne, just east northeast of Paris.

We arrived in the late afternoon at the site of the “new” Bon Samaritain, the Clos de Roucy. It was a somewhat surreal experience. I had been imagining this moment for the better part of a year, and had seen the property on video, pictures, maps, aerial photos, satellite images, and architectural diagrams. I had driven to it– virtually–on Street View, at least as far as the front gates. But here we were seeing it in the flesh.

We checked in with the super nice secretary, Mme Willocq, and settled into our guest quarters. We are here at last.


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  1. eajohnston says:

    God is good! Glad you and “Mrs. Marv” made it safely. Praying.

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