If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium

(If you get the title, you’re showing your age.)

Today is our first day to wake up in Belgium, and it is Tuesday. We arrived last night in time for dinner–by the grace of God, because I figured out a short cut so good it only took us an hour longer. It was kind of a back road, and we never even saw a sign saying “You are leaving France” or “Welcome to Belgium.” But suddenly the road turned to cobblestones, and we had to slow down to about 15 mph. I figure that was the border.

Pierre Beumier

Happily, it’s not all like that, and we pulled up at our hosts’ house not long afterward. There we rejoined the two prophetic ministers we are traveling with, French Canadian Michel Chevalier and Texan Cary Stultz. I thought we’d made it just in time to take off for a meeting in Brussels an hour later. That meeting had been shifted to later in the week, and so in fact we all sat down for a relaxing meal together.

So today, we drove to the suburbs of Brussels for a visit with friends I had only known by the internet, an American pastor of an English-speaking church and his British wife. It was very sweet meeting this lovely family in person at last.

Dashing back to the city of Mons, we rejoined the team and headed off to the church “Centre Apollos.” The pastor, Pierre Beumier, has something of an apostolic ministry within Belgium and elsewhere in the French speaking world.

Michel Chevalier interpreting for Cary Stultz

NEXT DAY: Still Belgium, only it’s Wednesday now. We got up late, because we went to bed late. We stayed up talking until 2 am. Today was mostly hanging out time with the Beumiers and the team, and tonight’s meeting starts in about nine minutes. So I’ll say au revoir for now.

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