Triple Jubilee

Architect’s Rendering of Hospice

Little hospital founded by Madame the Countess d’Imecourt for the sick of Roucy, Concevreux, Gernicourt, etc. In service since Sept. 11, 1862 by the Sisters of St. Charles of Nancy.

So reads the description from a turn of the (twentieth) century post card of this property, known as the Hospice of Roucy.

150 years ago, exactly, this past Sept. 11, this building was founded as a house of healing. Over the years it has served in various capacities: hospital, orphanage, school, town hall, summer camp–even a dance hall. In 2008, it was acquired by the ministry Plus Que Vainqueurs (“More Than Conquerors”) for the purpose of housing and operating its inner healing ministry Le Bon Samaritain (“The Good Samaritan”)–which has been called “A House of Healing for the Broken Hearted.” This ministry was previously located near the city of Dijon, but halted operations in 2004, when they “lost their lease” so to speak. Then after a four-year search, they found Roucy.

From house of healing to house of healing, the Roucy site has come full circle in this century and a half. However, the situation has changed for the ministry from what was envisioned in 2008. The team that ran it has moved on to new responsibilities, and the search for a replacement staff has not been successful.

We were interested, but by the time we came along it was too late. The directors of PQV had reached the decision that the property so recently bought–and refurbished and considerable expense–simply had to be sold, and those who had invested in it for ministry purposes, reimbursed.

We don’t think this is the end of the story.

We think the Lord has pointed us to this property in a variety of ways. Sometimes “coincidence” makes you sit up and take notice. As it happens we arrived there almost to the day, 150 years after it opened. We were told the earliest date to see it was “September 11.” We traveled to France by signing on a short term mission trip, which was scheduled to leave on “September 11.” It was only later that we learned that September 11 was the anniversary date of the Roucy hospice.

As it was we arrived three days later, on the 14th. At at that time we had hoped to persuade the leadership to let us help and give Le Bon Samaritain one more go. But we learned the decision was indeed firm, and the property was officially for sale.

Very interesting this figure, 150 years. In ancient Israel, every 50 years was “Jubilee” in which property which had been lost, returned to its original purpose. Here are 3×50 years: a “Triple Jubilee” if you will, and this beautiful House of Healing is in need of a “redeemer,” someone to buy it back and restore it to its proper destiny.

What will happen? The Lord knows. We are waiting and watching. Working, too, as we are putting the word out everywhere we can, that this place is worth saving, investing in.

We see in it not only a House of Healing, but a House of Prayer. It is also a place of accommodation, with nine guest rooms. Imagine a Bed and Breakfast that is also a Spiritual Retreat Center. Think of a Spirit-empowered l’Abri. Also a Conferenece center and school of supernatural ministry.

Encounter with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, His presence, His love–this is the key to the French heart. Intellectual and reason-based argument is never going to do it. Satan has built impenetrable strongholds in these areas. But love, that is a direct route to the French heart, and God’s love is a weapon that is mighty from God for the tearing down of strongholds.

Please pray for us for the outworking of God’s purposes for this special place. We believe we have been drawn to this site for a purpose.

(As I am writing this, the property is being offered through a 48 hour auction. The first 24 hours has just passed, three minutes ago. 23 hours 57 minutes to go. So far there have been no bids.)

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