Carolina on Our Minds

ejs men
Some of the EJS mighty men of valor

On April 18 we’ll be piling into two vans and setting off for the east. Twenty-something students from EJS, mostly twenty-somethings, along with one pair of pentagenarians (us), and our fearless leaders are heading to the Carolinas on our end of term mission trip.

Encounter Jesus School (EJS) is a training program in spiritual ministry at The Dallas House of Prayer (House of Zerubbabel). It consists of two tracks:

  1.  the internship and
  2.  the apprenticeship.

Françoise and I started there last June and now finish up our apprenticeship track at the end of this month.

Each semester, starting with this one at least, the school takes off somewhere on a ministry trip. Ours is mainly in South and North Carolina. One stop will be at Morningstar Ministries in Charlotte. Our two fearless leaders, EJS director Jeremy Shuck anapprenticeship director Vince Corcoran both graduated from Morningstar University. Vince was also on the faculty there before coming to EJS. (You can catch his mug on this promotional video… Hmm. Never noticed the earring before…)

MFALGThe final destination of our voyage will be Moravian Falls in North Carolina. This is
an area of some 100,000 acres settled by some of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf’s Moravians in 1752-3. Morningstar has a retreat center, and now also a Missions base there.

I had not heard of Moravian Falls before, but it seems to be a special place. Reportedly, it is a place where a number of people have experienced angelic visitations. So look for a very interesting blog in this space within a couple of weeks.

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