Double Dutch Treat

Meet Anne and Menno Menninga. Here is a pre-post quiz: Anna and Menno are (a) merchants (b) artists (c) craftsmen (d) innkeepers (e) teachers (f) missionaries (g) restauranteers? Answer: all of the above—though (g) is in the planning stages. The Menningas are originally from the Netherlands, but have been missionaries for some thirty years, first … More Double Dutch Treat

Stand By Us

Thank you all so much for your prayers–especially concerning our flight from Dallas to Paris, because we were flying stand-by. We said we only need two seats and indeed six stand-bys made it on the flight, and we were numbers five and six. I don’t believe there were any empty seats. So we made it … More Stand By Us

Exploring the Land

Last post I told you about the central objective of our trip. But there is more. We feel like the men chosen from the tribes of Israel to “spy out the land.” We are confident the Lord is leading us, but we are taking a first step of seeing and meeting and exploring, to discern … More Exploring the Land

Good Samaritan

The trip we have been waiting for is now just three days away. This Friday, the two    of us fly to Belgium and France for a two-week ministry trip. The central objective is to meet with evangelist Michel Allard and his wife. Michel is the founder of Le Bon Samaritain (The Good Samaritain), which … More Good Samaritan

Why Zarephath?

Zarephath is the name of the town to which the prophet Elijah was sent, after he prophesied a drought on the land of Israel to wicked King Ahab. First he went to a brook and was fed by the ravens. Then when the brook dried up, the lord sent him, outside the bounds of Israel, … More Why Zarephath?